Kofia wins first prize for a documentary film at al-Awdah International Film Festival, Palestine, May 2022.

Kofia: A Revolution Through Music (2021) is an award-winning, internationally released documentary film about the Palestinian band Kofia (كوفية/'kuffieh'), formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, by songwriter George Totari, who fled his native Palestine in 1967. Facing racist Israeli colonisation, George and fellow Palestinian musicians teamed up with Swedish leftist performers and formed a band which would tour the world and release four albums dedicated to the Palestinian cause.


Produced by Dr Louis Brehony, the Kofia film has enjoyed premieres in Palestine, Europe and North America and has impressed at international film festivals including Horizons Festival (Britain), Chicago Palestinian Film Festival and Al-Awda International Film Festival in Palestine, where the film won top prize for a documentary.

Al-Mayadeen TV: Kofia featured in report of al-awda international film festival in palestine, may 2022

Like Che Guevara, I fight with love.” - George Totari, Kofia band leader

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